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@YESDelft @yepprogrammes @MartinPronk'>MartinPronk @MartinPronk'>MartinPronk Thanks!..it's a great tool for formulating a business case, good to hear you like it too.


@Sara_hassan21 @YESDelft @yepprogrammes I like the canvas! Great you like it too and good to hear you had another i… https://t.co/TxTbJsafbi


Business canvas model, how to put your idea to work @YESDelft...it has been an informative day! #yepbatch12… https://t.co/V7QyRfZJQR


RT @Ghilary256: The innovations @YESDelft are the true definition of an incubation centre #yepbatch12 @GemeenteDelft @yepprogrammes @Martin

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